COVID-19 and libraries: gloves & mask

Our community cares about you and your well-being. Your safety and health is important to us, therefore, we have created care packages for you to assist in managing prevention of COVID-19. These care packages are to help you feel safer and more protected as you go out into the public as well as in your own home.

These care packages are only offered to the most vulnerable populations including those with physical disabilities and elderly individuals. If you are ages 50-61 and have a physical disability or if you are 62 and older, you will qualify to receive these packages free of charge. Care packages are limited to 1 per household. Currently, we have 40 care packages available. They will be distributed on a first come, first serve basis. Care packages will be offered first to residents of Capitol Heights (61st-68th Streets, Capitol Dr. to Congress St.).

The items that you will receive in this care package include the following: gloves, hand sanitizing wipes, disinfectant spray, toilet tissue and face masks.

It is our hope at Capitol Heights that you enjoy this care package and find it of great use.

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