Unfortunately due to the current pandemic, Capitol Heights and its partners have decided not to hold an in-person annual Bloom & Groom Event this spring.  In lieu of the in-person event, we are offering residents a 50% reimbursement on flowers and vegetables ($50 max/household) purchase from any retailer.  Flowers must be purchased between May 30 – June 13, 2021.  Residents must live in the Capitol Heights area (61-68th Street, Capitol Dr. to Congress St.).  In order to receive reimbursement residents must follow the instructions below:

  1. Sign-up below – If there is room available you will receive a confirmation email from Capitol Heights indicating that you are able to participate in the reimbursement. Residents who have not received a confirmation will not be allowed to participate.
  2. Residents must live in the Capitol Heights neighborhood (61-68 Streets, Capitol Drive to Congress Street)
  3. Flowers and/or vegetable plants must be purchased on a separate receipt with no other items included. No reimbursement will be given if the receipt includes items not related to flower and vegetable plant purchases (ex. plant food, dirt, yard tools, etc…). The only items on the receipt must be for flowers.
  4. The purchases must be between May 30 – June 13, 2021. No reimbursement will be given for flower purchases before or after this date. You also must have received a confirmation email indicating that you are signed up for the reimbursement (#1 above).
  5. The reimbursement will be 50% of your flower and/or plant purchases. The maximum reimbursement will be $50 per household.
  6. All original receipts must be received by June 19, 2021. A drop-off location will be communicated to registered participants via email before June 13th. Reimbursement checks will be issued in July.